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In today's article, TensorFlow will talk about what happens and What is the use of it in machine learning then let's start.
TensorFlow is an opensource, machine learning library that is used to solve numerical problems within machine learning and deep learning. TensorFlow is a team from Google created by Google Brain, which is used by search engine under keyword recommendation , Language transposition image processing etc.

History of Tensorflow

TensorFlow was previously a research based project by Google that Google used to improve its products. Then it was published within 2015 and its first stable version launched in 2017, tensorflow is an open source library that you can use to modify and redistribute modifiers can be given to Google without payment.

Working of TensorFlow

TensorFlow's work is completed in three phases.
1 preprocess
2 Create and build The model
3 Train the model

Input multi-dimensional array inside TensorFlow
This multi-dimensional array is taken inside the tensors
and tensors perform operations inside a flow, so it is called tensorflow

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